Get Together From a Distance with The Indoor Troubadour – Sat 9 May, 8.30pm (UK time)

Join “Indoor Troubadour” Dean, and the online community for a little party screen to screen; interact in real time, request songs, sing along and raise a glass from the comfort of your favourite spot in your own lockdown cabin. Together we can postpone the onset of cabin fever for just a little bit longer!
Livestreamed to Channel 7a Facebook page

Theme song for the night:



Get Together From a Distance with The Indoor Troubadour
Live From Hummingbird Towers (aka Dean’s isolation den)
Sat 9 May 8.30pm (UK time)
Livestreamed to Channel 7a Facebook page

PAY WHAT YOU CAN (suggested donation £5/ticket)
1. SELECT the no of tickets you want. CLICK “add to basket”
2. CLICK EDIT under the price if you want to pay a different rate
(Or just change the ticket price on the first page)

Dean has recently been dubbed The Indoor Troubadour following several successful “Facebusking” pop up shows. Responding to popular demand he will be doing this longer, hi res concert, with the help of Channel 7A. The previous one (in March) saw over 3,000 people listening and joining in from California to Canada, Nashville to New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, and throughout the UK from Brighton to the Shetland Islands. The audience can expect to hear several of the new songs he has been composing while in isolation.

Get Together From a Distance! will be livestreamed to the Channel 7a Facebook page. It can also be viewed on any page it’s shared to, but the main interaction will be on Channel 7A. Watch on any screen you like. Why not connect it to your TV and/or a good sound system for maximum enjoyment?

Dean Owens gigs are always special, with lots of blethers (chat), and stories about the background to the songs as well as great music. This online show will recreate that great vibe, with Dean and his acoustic guitar, harmonica… and likely some speciality whistling!

*NOTE: “Pay What You Can” means exactly that – we truly appreciate all donations, and if you really can’t afford anything, then you are still very welcome to “attend”, but please do what you can to spread the word (And of course if you have a spare couple of grand, that’d be very welcome too!!)

International times:
New York: 3.30pm (EDT)
Nashville: 2.30pm (CDT)
California: 12.30pm (PDT)
Sydney: Sun 10 May, 5.30am (sorry, Sydney! You can watch it on catchup if you’re neither an early bird or a night hawk!)

Duration: 1 hour


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