Sat 2 Jan – New Year Show

Sat 2 Jan, 8pm (UK Time)
Dean Owens with Amy Geddes and Kevin McGuire
Streaming live from Pathhead Village Hall to Dean’s YouTube Channel

Starting the year in a hopeful fashion with the nearest thing to a live gig that Dean’s been allowed to do in the last 9 months. Dean will be performing with his old Felsons’ bass player Kevin McGuire and regular collaborator, fiddle player Amy Geddes – the first time he’s played together with other musicians for nearly a year. They’ll be sharing the stage at Pathhead Village Hall, although with no audience. Matt Elliott (of Matt Elliott Media) will be working the cameras (all 3 of them!) and the audio, and the whole thing will be livestreamed to YouTube, for a higher quality online gig than is possible on Facebook.

UPDATE – 22-12-20 : We have taken advice on this, and we are still able to do it safely for all concerned. See y’all on 2nd Jan!
Photo credit: marc marnie



As always, it’s up to you to contribute what you can afford, with a suggested donation of £15 (Some of the ticket income will go to the Village Hall, for helping to make it possible, with the rest being shared among the musicians).

Link here – click for a direct connection

NOTE: The concert won’t be behind a paywall, and you don’t need a YouTube account to watch; if you do have a Youtube account please go and check out Dean’s channel and subscribe (it’s free!)


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