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Unearthed – The Homecoming of Johnny Cash

Dean is included in the latest Unearthed podcast (hosted by The Big Light) – Episode 17: The Homecoming of Johnny Cash (with series host, Ryan Latto)

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It’s Christmas 1981, and the people of Falkland are flocking to the street. A man has come to town, a man dressed in black baring a wide smile. This man in Johnny Cash and he has come home. Johnny Cash, the globally recognised country folk singer traced his roots to Fife, a stones throw away from where I was raised. So, how much can we own him? Well…rather than speculate, why not just ask the family? In this episode I interview Johnny Cash’s daughter, Rosanne, about her and her fathers Scottish roots and why we should be singing it from the rooftops!

Interviews with:

  • Rosanne Cash, award winning country singer and daughter of Johnny Cash
  • Dean Owens, Scottish singer-songwriter from Leith and founder of the Cash Back Festival
  • Bobby Beveridge, retired police detective and owner of the Violin Shop in Falkland
  • David Latto, my brother, and professional singer-songwriter from Fife.